Create dashboards, and custom application using OsiSoftPI on Phone and Ipad

OsiSoftPI has been tremendously used in process industry as a data infrastructure. A new connection interface API from OSIsoft provides capability to create applications for phone and handheld devices and give read and write access to the user. Since application (either on Iphone or Ipad) can be specifically desgined for the user, it gives the user limitless possibilities.

We have been working with clients to create phone and Ipad applications to do data presentation, data entry, log location/map information (from phone into PI system), etc. The connection can be done using RESTful service. This is the same way many companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft use to provide data on weather, traffic, etc. However, there are many security considerations that have to be taken into account to securely connect the phone application to PI system.

Besides, we can also create custom designed servers to send any data securely to mobile phone, without OSISoft PI program.


We will show how to create a program to read one tag from OSISoft PIWebAPI in Python Industrial Automation Blog

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