How dashboards help production

Recently, there has been a significant change to the manufacturering and production management responsibility. The product quality ownership has been the focus for the past few years in production managers scope of work. With emerging technology, specially industrial 4.0 initiatives, now data can be easility available around the production area to control the process. This requires a significant amount of time and knowledge around accessing data, data analysis, data correction, database query, etc. In fact, in today's job market, production/ manufacturing manager is analysing data online more than 50% of the time.

Additionally, maintenece and reliability play a big role in increasing availability of machinery and ultimately increasing production. The overall equipment effectiveness OEE, and reliability create a basis for system effectiveness. These calculations can be shown as part of the dashboard data analysis to help the Production managers take corrective actions. To leverage the available data and operation knowledge of process, our state of art dashboards can help you by connecting to your data infrastructure and providing data analysis tools on your desktop and your phone. It is evident that disintegrated information presentation and anlysis is not optimal for

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