Connect to various data sources

Supporting a wide range of datasources, ranging from OsiSoft-PI and OPC to databases, we create dashboards to help visibility to production and management

Mobile and Ipad application

Using Ipad and mobile can boost production and efficiency. With mobile notification, you will be notified about events at your production site

Live connection

With a powerful backend software, we read live data, process it, and feed results to the user interface

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI, perform predictive maintenance, leak detection or solve other engineering problems. With our exprience in process engineering and new technology we can help you achieve your targets

Your abilities are limitless
with various components

in addition to your control system, you have various apportunities to improve your process and free up your engineering and operation time, you just have to talk to us.

Receive notification

You receive notification and reports about your alarm management system, interlock database, asset status, recent changes in your network, etc...

Never manually create excel sheets for reporting again

Whether your operation have to report batch or create daily/weekly production reports, filling an excel sheet manually is time consuming, non-efficient and prone to error. Find out how we can help you create automatic reporting system.


Email notification

Receive email notifications, pdf reports, excel sheet reports, automatically generated every day/week giving you performance information about your operation or any custom requirement.

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